Actual Testimonials from a few of our many satisfied customers.

My first Irish terrier died at a local kennel so when I was ready to find a place that offered boarding and training, my research was extensive.  After visiting and meeting the staff at DDG, witnessing their training techniques, and seeing their incredible play and training yards, I knew that this was the place for Riley.  Riley, my 4.5 year old Irish terrier, first experienced DDG when she was 11 months old.  She attended the Doggie Camp, a much needed training behavior approach.  She is now a Daycare attendee and often left for long term Boarding.  Kind and caring staff from the owners on up to the trainers and support staff offer knowledgeable and caring training.  There is a true bonding with the dogs.  The common sense approach to the training is consistent and humane and adds a calmness to all the dogs there. I also noticed that the dogs, due to their calm state, seem to teach acceptance and approval to the newer dogs.  One cannot help but notice the quiet atmosphere with 20+ dogs out in the training yard. No hysterical barking, no manifestations of anxiety, but a constant reassurance and encouragement from the trainers.  There is no other place I will leave Riley.  Kudos to DDG for running such a fine place for pets.

Not only has Doggie Do Good trained three of my dogs, they go to the school three to four days a week when I have errands to run. My dogs love all the trainers and so do I. I never hesitate to leave the dogs there when I leave town. The owners and everyone who works there have become my friends. When you become involved with the school your dogs are treated just like their own.

Doggie Do Good teaches the dogs with Love and Compassion, the behavior that is acceptable while being firm and consistent. Our dogs are so excited when we pull up in the driveway because they are spending a day at doggie camp or they are staying for a period of time while we go out of town. I know they are safe, having a great time and getting the exercise they need. I never hesitate to recommend Doggie Do Good whenever someone comments on my “well behaved dogs” and they want their dog or dogs to be like this.

These beautiful manners make Raphael all the more lovable and fun to be around. My doggie-mommy meltdowns have melted away! You have chosen your precious pooch for his or her lifetime. You invest in the best food, toys, equipment, and vet care. Why not the best behavioral training for your best friend too? Don’t look farther than Doggie Do Good. They are the Blue Ribbon winners!

The training Apollo, Maya and I have received has been priceless. Whether we are at the dog beach, dog park or just having coffee at our favorite coffee place, people are amazed how well behaved and responsive Apollo and Maya are to me. When asked how I get the dogs to behave so well, the answer is always Doggie Do Good. When my dogs are at Doggie Do Good, I know they are receiving the same love and attention I would be giving them.

Doggie Do Good has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. I became visually impaired at the age of 14. A part of my life was taken away from me. Doggie Do Good gave it back. When they introduced me to Canaan, we had an instant connection. They trained him for my specific needs. And he has already saved me from getting hit by cars many times. He is more than my pet. He is my life-line. And I cannot describe the amount of thanks I have for Sandy and the trainers at Doggie Do Good. They gave me my vision back, through Canaan.

Shanti was always a well-mannered pup because of Doggie Do Good but when she was trained to be a service dog, it became clear, Sandy and her staff could make this yellow lab do anything. Now that she's certified, she still has that playful spirit and runs with the dogs, but once that jacket goes on, her demeanor changes and she's ready and eager to work.

I got Shakan from Doggie Do Good. I could not feel more blessed. Doggie Do Good answered all of my questions and despite being nervous they reassured me the entire time. I cannot imagine my life without Shakan. He is with me for everything, he is my best friend. When I am having any issue whether it be emotionally or physically he picks me up. Honestly, the staff at Doggie Do Good, Sandy, and Shakan have become members of our family and a true gift from God.

I was concerned going in if this was the right thing to do with Booker. I was hoping it would work. The results speak for themselves - I'm very pleased. Heather did a fantastic job training me to train Booker. Thanks to all your staff for a job well done!

Fantastic experience, unbelievable results. Very professional and compassionate to Cooper. Extremely happy with results. Staff really cares and are very helpful and friendly. I am completely at ease while Cooper is at Doggie Do Good. Thank you to everyone I am overwhelmed with the results. Fantastic results. Would recommend to everyone. Thank You!