Dog & Puppy Daycare

Dog and Puppy Daycare for the busy owner and energetic pooch!

Doggie Do Good, Inc. offers a fun and safe environment for your pet while you are at work, or just busy running errands. Let your dog or puppy come, stay, and play while you are away!  Doggie Daycare is a great choice for busy pet owners that work full time or need to run errands as well as for owners who want to give their canine companion lots of socialization. Bringing your dog to Doggie Daycare allows them to maintain their socialization skills, to have fun, and to get great exercise while expending energy. Doggie Do Good, Inc. offers daycare packages and payment programs depending on how many times per week that you would like your dog to come, stay, and play. For an additional fee we will take your dog for a walk or jog, or play fetch with them. At Doggie Do Good, Inc. we want to make sure that all of the dogs are having fun and enjoying their time with us! We will allow new doggies to join us for an initial Daycare evaluation. We may require that your doggie completes one of our training courses before coming back for Daycare.

We are now offering Daycare Review!

If your dog has attended our Doggie Camp, you may now choose to have your dog do Daycare Review.  During Daycare Review, your dog returns to the training regimen that they originally went through during their Camp; it's a great way for your doggie to brush up on their skills!


Daycare Prices

  • $40 per day for a single dog
  • $20 per day for each additional dog
  • + an addtional $20 per dog if any management for nuisance behaviors is needed

Daycare Review

  • $40 per day per dog