Service Dogs

Our service dog training ensures the safety of "dog and owner".

We provide fully trained Service Dogs to meet the specific needs of those with a disability. If a person with a disability already has a family dog that can meet our requirements, we can train your family dog for Service Dog Work.

Learn more about Service Dogs at our "What is a Service Dog?" page.

Available - Contact us for information.

Remington is one of our availale Service Dogs. He is the brother of Winchester and is a one year old black Labrador Retriever. Because of Remington's excellent nose, he would make a great Service Dog for diabetic alerting through scent training, along with stability and item retrieval because of his anticipated size.

Available - Contact us for information.

Winchester is one of Service Dogs. He is a one year old black Labrador Retriever. He is the brother of Remington, another one of our Service Dogs. Winchester loves to retrieve items and would make a great Service Dog for someone with limited range of motion that would need item retrieval assistance or help with stability.


Available - Contact us for information.

Tiana is our one and a  half year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever Service Dog who is very loving, energetic, friendly and outgoing.  She loves hiking and going to the beach! Tiana has been working on her "hugs" behavior and alerting.  Tiana would be a great companion for someone who needs psychiatric support or is seeking a Service Dog to alert for medical, seizure or hearing assistance.